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About Us

Never Happened Cleaning Service consists of an Elite Team of Specialists who are dedicated to helping people when tragedy strikes. Our objective is to compassionately, safely, and discreetly restore a scene to a safe and non-hazardous state. This relieves others from the gruesome traumatic task and a potentially dangerous chore of cleaning up after a homicide, suicide, accidental death, unattended death or decomposition of a loved one. Since compassion and professionalism is at its utmost importance to us, we handle your property with great concern. Our Specialist are highly trained in the process of properly and lawfully decontaminating, cleaning, removing, packaging, and disposing of all contaminate waste and any other type of infectious material or waste.


When our proposal is accepted, we immediately start the remediation process. We clean, disinfect, decontaminate and deodorize all affected areas along with proper disposal and proper professional equipment. All contaminated waste is disposed of through a federally licensed waste company. All our Specialist are fully Trained, Certified, Licensed and Insured. We strive for professional excellence adhering to all OSHA, CDC, EPA, State Department of Health, and all Safety Laws.


Never Happened Cleaning Service is compassionate and we know how important privacy is. Our promise to you is to listen, console, administer transparency, lend our support, and be responsible and professional. We will arrive at your location in unmarked vehicles for your privacy and protection. We are here for you from the start to finish to help you start the recovery process.


Never Happened Cleaning Service is fully Insured, Licensed and Bonded. We carry specialty certifications as well that are used for Mold Remediation and Meth/Drug Lab clean ups