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Hoarding and Gross Filth

Witnessing a loved one struggle with a hoarding issue can be difficult and extending a helping hand often results in rejection. In many cases, the owner of the house cannot move about and is confined to one area of the house due to all the clutter. This can impose a health and safety risk and can become a fire hazard. Hoarding can also affect landlords, family members, property owners, and neighbors on having to deal with the problem. It is an overwhelming process and the time it would take to restore the property back to safety would require hours of labor and time. That’s where Never Happened Cleaning Service can help. Let us take the burden off you and trust in us that we will assist in handling the situation with compassion and respect.


We will remove and dispose of all trash and items that the owner would like us to remove. We will keep valuables, antiques or anything else the owner would like in a separate location and ensure that these items will be kept safe. We will clean and disinfect all affected areas of the house. Our Ozone machine will be used to remove all pungent odors. We will bag all trash items in our containment bags and remove off the owner’s property.

NHCS offers cleanup services for all types of hoarding. Anything from excessive animal hoarding, gross filth, and unsanitary living conditions throughout California. NHCS adheres to all OSHA, CDC, EPA, State Department of Health, and State laws. All of our Biohazard Specialist are fully trained, licensed and certified.