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Meth and Illegal Drug Lab Clean Up

State statute requires declared meth labs to be remediated following the Illinois Department of Health’s Drug Lab Cleanup Guidance. Cleanup needs to take place no matter what level of meth has been detected on the property. Meth lab remediation should only be done by professional specialist that are trained and certified, with hazmat protective clothing using regulated antimicrobial products to remove drug residue. NHCS is licensed and certified to decontaminate homes, hotels, public property, and other buildings from the after effects of meth labs and other drug labs. All our specialist have had extensive training in this matter to ensure that the property is restored and functional upon completion.


Meth labs are highly toxic chemical mine fields. Fire and explosions pose an immediate risk due to the volatile compounds used in production. Entering a meth lab calls for extreme caution. Besides the chemical dangers surrounding a meth lab, there is also the danger of traps intended to protect inventory. NHCS is highly trained in taking all precautions using our Professional Remediation and Decontamination Process. NHCS adheres to all OSHA, CDC, EPA, State Department of Health, and State laws. All of our Biohazard Specialist are fully trained, licensed and certified.