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Suicide, Crime Scene, and Homicide Cleanup

Homicides and suicides are very disturbing scenes. After the investigation, you need a cleaning service that is committed to restoring your property, from disinfecting, removing, and deodorizing all the areas affected by the blood.

Never Happened Cleaning Services is compassionate and efficient in doing all the work. We arrive in vehicles that are cautiously marked to protect your privacy. Our mission is to relieve you of the emotional stress that your family might endure during such a sensitive time, providing you with the much-needed support after suffering from the loss of your loved one. 

Unattended Death and Decomposition

When an unattended death or undiscovered death is discovered, the decomposing corpse can lead to airborne bacteria, causing odors that put in jeopardy the safety of your home. Witnessing an unattended death can leave a lasting imprint on your mind. It can be overwhelming and, at the same time, be mentally and emotionally disturbing.

Trust a professional at Never Happened Cleaning Services to do the job. We offer unattended death cleanups in Chicago, Illinois. Our certified biohazard specialists will deodorize, sanitize, and safely clean the area.

Accident and Blood Cleanup

Illinois Counties have a contract with Never Happened Cleaning Services to clean up contaminated blood from accidents on the freeway, sidewalk, driveway, or roadway. Blood is a biohazardous waste, containing pathogens that can cause health hazards and diseases.

Together with other body fluids, blood must be disinfected at a microscopic level as early as possible to prevent cross-contamination and jeopardizing the public’s safety. 

Hoarding and Gross Filth

Hoarding issues are more common than what most people think. Seeing your loved one struggle with the need to hoard can be difficult to watch. Extending a helping hand also often leads to unsuccessful attempts to resolve the dilemma.

In most hoarding cases, the owner of the property cannot move around the area and is confined to one space due to the clutter. The mess can impose a health and safety risk to the owner, family members, landlords, and the neighbors, too.

It can be a tricky process, requiring hours of labor and time, but we are confident that we can restore any property back to normal. Let us take the burden off you. You can trust us to handle the situation with compassion and respect.

Rodent Droppings, Urine, and Feces

Rodent droppings in your own home can be disturbing and can be a hazard to your health. Scurrying noises from the attic and gnawing, holes in your walls or garage, as well as maggot infestation are signs of a pest problem.

For these types of problems, you should contact Never Happened Cleaning Services. We are equipped to handle rodent feces, beg bug decontamination, and animal urine. 

Mold Remediation 

The earlier you can detect mold problems at your home, the better. The longer mold is left to grow, the more difficult it is to remove. You should regularly have mold inspections performed to try to eliminate the first sign of mold.

In addition, some mold strains can be more toxic than the others. Of the 100,000 species of mold, there are 50 to 60 types that are hazardous to human health, specifically unsafe for people who have frail immune systems. Our specialists are certified and equipped to remedy any mold problems you may have. 

Communicable Disease Disinfection

Infectious diseases are serious and can be a concern for public safety. This is why cases like these should be quarantined and disinfected by professionals who are trained in this particular area of expertise.

Acquiring diseases like Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Influenza, Salmonella, Ebola Hepatitis, and Measles can be is a real threat when biohazardous substances are not handled in the right manner. Not to mention, most pathogens are invisible, making a cleanup even more difficult for inexperienced staff.

Communicable diseases can be spread through physical contact, bites from animals or insects, contact with contaminated surfaces, and airborne exposure. Our goal is to remove all deadly viruses to prevent the spread of diseases.

Commercial, Industrial, and Vehicle Decontamination

An infectious or biohazard outbreak can almost always lead to business closure. In addition, it damages your company’s reputation, employee health, and profit. Never Happened Cleaning Services is prepared to handle any contaminated commercial or industrial buildings as well as personal and emergency vehicles.

Meth Lab, Illegal Drug Lab Cleanup

State statute requires declared meth labs to be remediated following the state’s regulations on drug lab investigations. Cleanups need to take place no matter how much meth has been detected in the area.

Meth lab remediation should only be done by professional specialists who are certified and trained. They should also be equipped with hazmat protective clothing while using regulated antimicrobial cleaning products to remove any drug residue.

Never Happened Cleaning Services is licensed and certified to decontaminate homes, hotels, public properties, and other buildings from the aftereffects of illegal drug laboratories. All of our specialists have had extensive training in this specialization, guaranteeing that the area may be safe again upon completion. 


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Post-Construction Cleanup

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