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Suicide, Crime Scene, and Homicide

The misfortune of a homicide or suicide is a very disturbing and overwhelming experience. After the investigation is completed, you are left to deal with the blood and cleanup of a loved one. Never Happened Cleaning Service is committed to safely restoring your property by cleaning, disinfecting, removing and deodorizing all affected area. Our team is compassionate and efficient and will arrive in vehicles that are discreetly marked to protect your confidentiality and privacy. Our mission is to relieve the emotional stress that your family might endure during this time and provide compassion and support to those that have suffered the loss of a loved one.


We strive to make the process respectful, confidential and discreet. When a suicide or homicide has occurred, the substances from the impact can lead to airborne bacteria causing odors which can impact the safety of the home. Blood borne pathogens are exposed and are a serious health hazard. Our remediation process starts with the removal of all affected areas. We will scrub, deodorize, sanitize, and remove all reminiscences of the tragic event so you can return to your home and begin your healing process. We will provide full decontamination services and remove any furniture per your request. We also work directly with the Insurance carrier to maximize out of pocket expenses. NHCS adheres to all OSHA, CDC, EPA, State Department of Health, and State laws. All of our Biohazard Specialist are fully trained, licensed and certified.