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Unattended Death & Decomposition

Having witnessed an unattended death is not an easy thing to cope with. The pain can be overwhelming and be both mentally and emotionally unpleasant. Never Happened Cleaning Service is here to help start the healing process. NHCS offers unattended death clean up statewide in Illinois. When an unattended death or undiscovered death has occurred, the substances of a decomposing body can lead to airborne bacteria causing odors which can impact the safety of the home. Our Certified Biohazard Specialist sanitize, deodorize, and safely clean the area where the death occurred.


We strive to make the process pain free, confidential, and discreet. Our Biohazard Specialist will deodorize, disinfect, and make sure that all health hazards and pathogens are eliminated and will administer a post-test of the affected area. The decomposed body can also release hazardous fumes throughout the house. NHCS will remove, clean and sanitize all affected area of the entire house. We will ventilate and use Ozone machines to help with the odor removal. Our goal is to restore the property the way it was previously and take any burden off you, so you can start the healing process. NHCS adheres to all OSHA, CDC, EPA, State Department of Health, and State laws. All of our Biohazard Specialist are fully trained, licensed and certified.